Log Packing

Log Packing (12)


As Log Ambalaj, to be the preferred supplier in our sector and to ensure that our customers are satisfied we committed to move along in the light of the principles below.

  •  To make timely, accurate and high quality production according to customer requests.
  •  To minimize product costs by ensuring continuous improvement in processes.
  •  To provide continuous improvement with trainings and trainings of our employees.
  •  To implement and maintain a participatory management system that complies with the applicable requirements of the interested parties involved in our company management system.

We perform and produce forms addressed to customers’ needs. The form is produced using 3D software program according to geometrical shape of the product and taking into account demand of the customer.  Once approval had been granted the computerized drawing is processed with solid aluminium log and turmed into a final product of form. Thermoform forms are then used to produce the product via thermoform machines.

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Customer Oriented:

Keeping customer satisfaction as our prime goal. Building trustworthy relationship with our customers that will be everlasting.


A firm’s success lays with the success and fulfillment of its personel. In this regard we aim to maximise our personel’s fulfillment as well as their social and Professional advancement.

Strategic Advancement:

As is the case in most if not all sectors one needs to keep up with the advancements and changes in order to be a persisting firm. In this sense we employ latest technology & know-how to our production process.


Constant self-evaluation and participation in R&D activities that in return will contibute to our efficiency.


Vision: Producing high quality, human health friendly products for our customers which will contribute to our firm’s growth and competitiveness

Mission : While following the technological advancement in our field we attach a great deal of importance for our in-house training of our personnel we aim to be a trustworthy and long lasting solution partner for our customers and serve them beyond their expectation and satisfaction.

Log Ambalaj is a leader company in the blister packaging & vacuum packaging production using the highest available technology. High quality production via using the most efficient production technique helpsus be of trustworthy and long-lasting solution provider for our customers. We follow worldwide technological advancements in our field and we also carry out Research adn development activities ourselves. We attach a great deal of importance to after sales services as much as marketing activities. We aim to reach highest production efficiency possible to keep the production cost at lowest while focusing on enchancing the quality of our products.

Our Main Principle: Following technological advancement in our field we aim to offer our customer to stand as a long lasting solution partner of trustworthy, highest quality production by using latest technology.